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Groupon Scam – Is It Really?

Although you may hear many great things about the deals that Groupon has to offer, most likely you also hear bad things about it being a scam.  To put the Groupon scam to rest
once and for all, I decided to do my own research and try out the site
for myself.  Besides, the only way to really know if sites are scamming you is through first-hand experience so rather than basing my opinions on others, I went ahead and tried it out.

Easy to Use Site

When I first registered, I was impressed that the site was pretty simple to follow.  It was very straightforward and there wasn’t any annoying pop-ups that we normally experience from other sites.  Making purchases are easy as well.  I simply had to provide my credit card details, and once the deal was ready I printed the coupon out and presented it to the establishment it was for.  They accepted it with no questions asked.  Getting great deals and savings can’t be anymore convenient than this.

Unbelievable Discounts

The fact that Groupon offers discounts that can go over 90% at times really make people wonder if it is a scam or not.  So to discover the truth, I went ahead and bought a gym membership, which was worth $150 for 3 months but was only being offered for $50.  The fact that I was saving $100 was a really good deal, so I grabbed the chance.  After inputing my credit card details and printing out the coupon, I went to the gym to see if the deal would be honored.  To my surprise, it was actually a real deal.  I got 3 months membership for the gym for just $50!  As a result, it seemed that I got 2 months for free.  Until now I wonder how Groupon along with the establishments earn money when they offer such great deals.  But what really matters is that they are true to their word and they offer incredible deals.

Purchase Wisely

Some tips that I have discovered along the way is that although we are faced with great discounts left and right, we need to make sure that we purchase wisely.  This is because you may end up not using the coupon and it will go to complete waste so whatever you purchase, it should be something that you will use.  Also, make it a point to go through the terms and conditions so you know how long the coupon will last and when it can be used.

The Groupon Promise

Other than trying out the site and seeing for myself that the deals are for real, it was also comforting to see that Groupon posted a statement on their site on how nothing is more important to them than treating their customers well.  So if any problems were encountered, they would gladly make it right or return any purchase.

After trying out this site, I really don’t get why there are things being said about a Groupon scam when in reality it offers great savings to many, which we all should be really happy about.  Like I said before, whenever you are unsure of something, best to give it a shot because you can never know for sure if it is something for you unless you try it out.  With the great savings that this site has to offer, you have nothing to lose by signing up.

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Groupon Review – A Site You Can Trust?

Update: Please see others’ reviews and leave your own groupon reviews and experiences here: groupon user reviews

I have to say, like many of you, I continuously look for ways and means to avail of great savings.  I mean, everything is so expensive out there that it is important for me to spend my hard earned money wisely, which I am sure you all do as well.  This is why when I came across the Groupon site, I couldn’t hide my excitement with the daily deals they have to offer.  But of course, being aware of the existence of scams, I had to make sure first that this site wasn’t too good to be true.  After careful research and first-hand experience on the site, I decided to make my own Groupon review to help other wise spenders like me.


Groupon is a fairly new site that I discovered that offers different deals each day on a variety of shops from restaurants, retail outlets, theaters, gyms, spas, etc.  Discounts so far have been ranging over 50% so that huge savings can be obtained with every deal.  For the deal to take effect, a specific number of people need to commit to buying the deal and if at the end of the day this number isn’t met, then the deal doesn’t push through and no one is charged.  As far as I know, this hasn’t happened yet as many have been hooked on obtaining these great deals.

My Personal Experience

So far, I have purchased about three Groupon deals since I came across this site, all I had to do was provide my credit card details.  I found the restaurant deals to be the most value for money so all my coupons were for food.  I have yet to try the spa and other discounts but I am sure they work just the same.  All I had to do was print out the coupon and it was accepted right away in the establishment it was for.  The best part of this experience so far was all the great savings I have made.  I also have something to look forward to when checking my mail each day, anticipating the great new deal being offered.  I haven’t had any problems yet and I certainly will continue to purchase deals that I feel are worth it.

Great for Traveling

I have also found that Groupon is not only available in the United States, but in other countries as well.  I was thrilled to discover this so that even when I travel to other places, I can get great deals on food and other things, whether it be in Europe or Asia.  Like I said before, the more I get to save my hard earned money, the better.

My Verdict

If you are interested in obtaining great savings like I am, Groupon is certainly something you should try out.  I have tried and tested it and have been very pleased with the service and discounts that I have received.  I was certainly worried at first if this site is one I could trust, but after trying it out, I am quite sure that it is a reliable company that has established themselves well.

UPDATE: A grateful viewer sent this thank you video to us so we’re sharing it here:

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Sites Like Groupon

The success and popularity of Groupon has brought about the emergence of several copycat sites all over the world.  In fact the number of competitor sites are increasing, but Groupon still has the highest percentage of traffic among any other site, especially since they pioneered the concept.  With consumer spending continuing to be low, it is no surprise that many are jumping at the chance of obtaining these amazing deals and discounts.   Discover the other sites like Groupon to give you an idea on how popular this concept is becoming amongst consumers who are after great savings.

Popularity of Groupon

The concept of this site is just incredible and it provides not only benefits to consumers, but to establishments as well who are able to increase the foot traffic of customers into their stores.  Doing promotions with well-known brands like Gap, Jamba Juice, and many others has really increased the popularity of this site.  Many consumers are thrilled to get amazing discounts from brands that they love and these brands are happy to be getting an increase in consumer attention.  This also shows how Groupon is definitely not a scam, especially since they are connected to reliable and trustworthy brands.

Copycat sites

Certainly when others see opportunity somewhere, they quickly copy the idea for their own.  Several sites have started to do the same thing as Groupon and the concept is exactly the same with hardly any difference.  These sites also offer different deals everyday and offer discounts ranging from 50% to 90%.  Some of these sites like Groupon include Eversave, Living Social, Buy With Me, Tippr and BCdailydeals .  Clearly these discount buying sites are becoming the new trend today with all the savings they are able to offer consumers.

What makes Groupon different?

Groupon offers their services all around the world, which these sites certainly don’t have.  Being the one that started it all, they will always be the top of mind brand amounts all other sites.  Ultimately, these sites will always be dubbed as copycats and nothing more.  If you want guaranteed great savings, you need to go sign up with the original.

Groupon at the top

Groupon is an established site that is still the top choice amongst most consumers.  They started this concept and aren’t worried with companies that simply copied the idea from them.  Ultimately it is all about offering services that many trust and Groupon has been able to deliver that with the name they have established so far.  With all their promotions with popular brands, consumers will definitely stick to this original site that started it all.  Not only that, they promise only the best service to their consumers, which is important in staying at the top.

It is quite clear that sites like Groupon are the current online trend today.  What’s not to like about receiving incredible discounts for a variety of things from restaurants, retail outlets, movie tickets, spas, and many more.  No one can resist great savings and this site is able to offer that, which is why consumers will keep coming back.

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What is Groupon?

Many of you are probably wondering what is Groupon?  You may have heard about Groupon somewhere but don’t exactly know what it is.  It is a fairly new concept that has grown popularity quickly.  Let’s just say that with using this site, you can avail of great discounts and have amazing savings with various products and services in the market that have to do with leisure.  Find out more about what Groupon is and how you can benefit from using this site.

What it is

One of the questions you may be asking is, what is Groupon?  Groupon is an international online site that offers different deals each day in different locations all over the world.  The deals offered range anywhere from 50% to 90% in discounts and can be anything to do with restaurants, retail shops, spas, gyms, theaters, and many more.  Basically this company’s purpose is to provide consumers everywhere amazing deals that will enable them to save as much as possible.

How it started

This company began sometime in 2007, then known as The Point, and was founded by Andrew Mason.  The site’s name was changed to Groupon in 2008 and it began to grow popularity.  It was first established in the US but it wasn’t long until it expanded to Canada and to other parts of the world including Europe and Asia.  Currently, it is the largest website that offers these services and is still continuously expanding.  However, its success has led many other sites copying this idea.

How it works

How it works is that a new deal is posted on the website each day, which could be on a variety of things.  For instance, one deal was a coupon for a retail store that was offering cash valued coupons for only $15 with a $30 value, so instantly a 50% discount is being given.  If you want to avail of this deal, you can only purchase it for that day, because after 24 hours, a new deal is posted.  To avail of the deal, simply register to the site and provide your email and credit card details.  However, a minimum number of buyers is necessary for the deal to be a success, if not, the deal will fail and you won’t be charged for it.  More often than not, the deal is usually successful.

Why try it

Why try Groupon?  Well for obvious reasons that with these great discounts, you can benefit from great savings.  If you can eat out in a restaurant, watch a movie, and have a massage for less than half the price, why not?  This site can offer that, which is why you should jump at the chance of availing of these great deals.  All your hard earned money doesn’t have to be spent carelessly.  What’s even better is that it is so easy, after making your purchase you simply print out the coupon and present it in the participating establishment.  Now that you know what Groupon is, availing of these amazing deals by signing up is not only something that will help you save, but ones that you will surely enjoy.

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