Groupon Scam – Is It Really?

Although you may hear many great things about the deals that Groupon has to offer, most likely you also hear bad things about it being a scam.  To put the Groupon scam to rest
once and for all, I decided to do my own research and try out the site
for myself.  Besides, the only way to really know if sites are scamming you is through first-hand experience so rather than basing my opinions on others, I went ahead and tried it out.

Easy to Use Site

When I first registered, I was impressed that the site was pretty simple to follow.  It was very straightforward and there wasn’t any annoying pop-ups that we normally experience from other sites.  Making purchases are easy as well.  I simply had to provide my credit card details, and once the deal was ready I printed the coupon out and presented it to the establishment it was for.  They accepted it with no questions asked.  Getting great deals and savings can’t be anymore convenient than this.

Unbelievable Discounts

The fact that Groupon offers discounts that can go over 90% at times really make people wonder if it is a scam or not.  So to discover the truth, I went ahead and bought a gym membership, which was worth $150 for 3 months but was only being offered for $50.  The fact that I was saving $100 was a really good deal, so I grabbed the chance.  After inputing my credit card details and printing out the coupon, I went to the gym to see if the deal would be honored.  To my surprise, it was actually a real deal.  I got 3 months membership for the gym for just $50!  As a result, it seemed that I got 2 months for free.  Until now I wonder how Groupon along with the establishments earn money when they offer such great deals.  But what really matters is that they are true to their word and they offer incredible deals.

Purchase Wisely

Some tips that I have discovered along the way is that although we are faced with great discounts left and right, we need to make sure that we purchase wisely.  This is because you may end up not using the coupon and it will go to complete waste so whatever you purchase, it should be something that you will use.  Also, make it a point to go through the terms and conditions so you know how long the coupon will last and when it can be used.

The Groupon Promise

Other than trying out the site and seeing for myself that the deals are for real, it was also comforting to see that Groupon posted a statement on their site on how nothing is more important to them than treating their customers well.  So if any problems were encountered, they would gladly make it right or return any purchase.

After trying out this site, I really don’t get why there are things being said about a Groupon scam when in reality it offers great savings to many, which we all should be really happy about.  Like I said before, whenever you are unsure of something, best to give it a shot because you can never know for sure if it is something for you unless you try it out.  With the great savings that this site has to offer, you have nothing to lose by signing up.

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