Groupon Review – A Site You Can Trust?

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I have to say, like many of you, I continuously look for ways and means to avail of great savings.  I mean, everything is so expensive out there that it is important for me to spend my hard earned money wisely, which I am sure you all do as well.  This is why when I came across the Groupon site, I couldn’t hide my excitement with the daily deals they have to offer.  But of course, being aware of the existence of scams, I had to make sure first that this site wasn’t too good to be true.  After careful research and first-hand experience on the site, I decided to make my own Groupon review to help other wise spenders like me.


Groupon is a fairly new site that I discovered that offers different deals each day on a variety of shops from restaurants, retail outlets, theaters, gyms, spas, etc.  Discounts so far have been ranging over 50% so that huge savings can be obtained with every deal.  For the deal to take effect, a specific number of people need to commit to buying the deal and if at the end of the day this number isn’t met, then the deal doesn’t push through and no one is charged.  As far as I know, this hasn’t happened yet as many have been hooked on obtaining these great deals.

My Personal Experience

So far, I have purchased about three Groupon deals since I came across this site, all I had to do was provide my credit card details.  I found the restaurant deals to be the most value for money so all my coupons were for food.  I have yet to try the spa and other discounts but I am sure they work just the same.  All I had to do was print out the coupon and it was accepted right away in the establishment it was for.  The best part of this experience so far was all the great savings I have made.  I also have something to look forward to when checking my mail each day, anticipating the great new deal being offered.  I haven’t had any problems yet and I certainly will continue to purchase deals that I feel are worth it.

Great for Traveling

I have also found that Groupon is not only available in the United States, but in other countries as well.  I was thrilled to discover this so that even when I travel to other places, I can get great deals on food and other things, whether it be in Europe or Asia.  Like I said before, the more I get to save my hard earned money, the better.

My Verdict

If you are interested in obtaining great savings like I am, Groupon is certainly something you should try out.  I have tried and tested it and have been very pleased with the service and discounts that I have received.  I was certainly worried at first if this site is one I could trust, but after trying it out, I am quite sure that it is a reliable company that has established themselves well.

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